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Cutting Corners Kulfi

Cutting Corners Kulfi
I call this my cutting corners Kulfi because having slaved over the authentic recipe which aside from being time-consuming (cooking the milk until it is reduced) is also frustrating. Example, after an hour of freezing you had to break up the crystallized milk with a whisk which, in my case, meant that the milk solids would get stuck in the metal wires and rattle inside there.                    

But that was before I came across the idea of substituting the fresh milk for the condensed version in Gurpareet Bains Kulfi recipe taken from his book 'Indian Superfood' - a delight for anyone who believes that we are what we eat.

This is easy-peasy, effortless 'Bob's your chacha!' Kulfi. So go ahead and cut corners, sometimes in life you need to.

Granny Smith Version
I have slightly modified Gurpareet's recipe for this Kulfi. He recommends using low fat greek yoghurt but I think a rich creamy ice-cream deserves the full fat content. Similarly I have also substituted 400g of light condensed milk with 200g of unsweetened and 200g of sweetened full fat condensed milk for a sweeter taste. If you use 400g of the sweetened version, your ice-cream will end up tasting very sweet - to avoid if you hate sickly sweet flavours.


Once you have mastered this (a complete doddle), it can be a very versatile ice-cream. Try alsorts of fruits: exotic or ordinary. For example, grate some granny smith apples or lime zest for a tangy kick. My favourite combo is Kiwi and Passion fruit; it has crunch as well as tang, and has that pretty on the plate factor too.

Plain Cutting Corner's Kulfi

The Recipe makes for plenty of servings

450g of Greek yoghurt
200g sweetened condensed milk
200g of unsweetened condensed milk
Fruit (optional but recommended)
Combine all the liquid ingredients together, whisking well. Stir in the fruit if using and then pour the mixture into a deep container. Cover and freeze for at least 2 hours or until frozen. Take the kulfi out of the freezer 20 minutes before serving as this will make scooping easier.

You can also make kulfi popsicles! These are quite common across the subcontinent especially cardamom and pistachio versions. Just pour the mixture into  popsicle moulds or plastic cups (if using the latter, cover the cups with tin foil and make a tiny hole to insert a wooden stick through).

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