Saturday, 9 June 2012

Green Zebra Tomatoes in Curry

You'll find me strolling among the food aisles at the supermarket with my eyes peeled, not on a shopping list, but on the star of the show: food! I start with the produce, hoping to get the freshest and most inspiring, and then find a recipe for it. Of course I reserve this for days when I have time. But then again, food is something that I often make time for. So this is exactly how I came across these green zebra tomatoes a while ago. Their emerald striped skins stood out from the crowd: Hello I thought as I walked over to touch one.

There was just four of them left. So I bagged them quickly! But not before the shelf stacker piped up to say:
'Ahh! Zebra tomatoes! Simply divine in salad.'
'Do you have any more? I asked greedily.
'No. They sell like  hot cakes!'
I kept a firm grip on my emerald bounty all the way to the till.

Once home I took them out to admire. Although the man at the supermarket told me I wasn't to cook with them, only savour them raw, I went with my intuition and cooked them anyway in my signature Chicken Curry With Coriander and Fenugreek. The result was and is the most delectable marriage of tastes: pungent and sharp, spicy and lemony. These zebra tomatoes seem to have been made for this particular curry. I keep the skins on these tomatoes which are really firm to the touch but you can discard them if you wish. The green from the fenugreek and coriander is beautifully enhanced in both taste and colour with these tomatoes added to the sauce.

Make Mini Bruschettas

Now whenever I see green zebra tomatoes I make a beeline for them and make this curry each time. I want to enjoy them as much as I can before the tomato season is over. Be warned though, they might be quite hard to find as green zebra tomatoes are not as common as the traditional red tomato; also be prepared to pay a little more for them for precisely this reason.

So what are you waiting for? Go seek this treasure out!

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