Sunday, 12 August 2012

Simple Spicy Sliders

On holiday back home I had spent all week eating veg and was very happy to do so knowing that in my part of France I would never be able to find veg like bitter gourd (kerala), or  those baby aubergines with silky skins and not to mention all the lovely alternatives to spinach:  fresh mustard and fenugreek leaves. These are veg with sharp flavours that never let you forget them.

However, once the holiday was over I began craving some meat and naturally this primal urge had to be satiated through a no fuss, hands on experience: cue sliders (burgers or kwaab as my family calls them) with some nostalgic spicy notes to satiate my homesickness for the food of my youth.

Simple Spicy Sliders
Makes four large patties


350g lean minced beef
1 yellow onion
3 medium garlic cloves
1 cm fresh ginger
handful of fresh coriander
2 red Thai chillies
Salt & pepper to season
2 tbsp Canola oil
4 Burger buns or use ciabatta bread cut into squares and sliced.


In a food processor, pulse the onion, garlic, ginger and coriander first. Then add the meat and pulse a couple of times until all the ingredients turn to a homogeneous like consistency (this means that no egg is needed to help mixture to bind). Season mixture with salt and pepper. Add oil to a frying pan on medium to high heat. Using your hands form four large patties and place these in the pan. (Tip: if unsure of the seasoning, make a tiny patty to taste first). When browned turn over and cook the other side. Check for doneness. In the meantime toast the burger buns, place cooked burgers inside them and garnish with salad, tomatoes and cucumbers. Tomato sauce optional but strongly recommended for sweet pairing with the spicy flavours in burger. Serve immediately!


  1. Hi Gaz

    It is so easy to relate to your holiday... as back home the leafy veggies are so much a staple....I love the underlying sweetness under the bitterness which develops on cooking them.

    Thanks for the the recipe, seems tantalising with the rush of flavours blending with the mince!

  2. Thanks Amzu! You've got it in a nutshell concerning the flavours of those wonderful leafy veg!