Sunday, 21 October 2012

Quick & Light Raspberry Cheese Cakes

Ever feel the urge for something dairy-loaded and sweet but with only half the fat?  I did and I didn't want to wait hours for my fix. Depending on the recipe, some cheese cakes can take a long time to set especially if you're required to refrigerate the batter. I decided to bake my cheese cake (no need to wait hours for cake to set in the fridge) in small ramekins which meant that baking time is further reduced. These cheese cakes are ready to be devoured within an hour of prepping and cooking time!

Also  by substituting whipping cream with Greek yogurt and preferring Ricotta cheese over a full fat cream cheese like Philadelphia you're making a much lighter cheese cake here. You can add a biscuit base but to keep this light, I skip it altogether; this cake is all about the cheese. Once baked you can eat as you like: hot or cold;  just refrigerate once they have cooled a little for the latter.

The Recipe makes six individual portions


250g Ricotta
150g Greek yoghurt
2 medium eggs
60g Caster sugar
Drop of vanilla essence
Half lemon juice plus zest
Tsp of Acacia honey
100g of Raspberries


Preheat oven at 180°. Put all the ingredients into a food processor (reserve a few raspberries for decoration) and blitz to a smooth batter. Pour this batter into ramekins two thirds up and bake for 35 minutes. The tops will crack in the overn- not to worry it's all part of the charm! Eat right away either from the ramkeins or using oven gloves turn ramekins upside down and slip out cakes onto a plate. Serve with the reserved raspberries on top of each cake.

Tip: If you don't want your raspberry cheese cake to come out pink, chop the raspberries up into halves and add them to the batter just before pouring into the ramekins.

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